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Dorothy A. Wright: Inspiring Life

Di Wright is considered to be, by her clients and students, a rare jewel whose knowledge, by integrating so many fields, brings richness to the lives she touches and guarantees a high success rate for anyone who works with her.

Her articles and reflections have been featured on such websites as (a site for life skill coaches and career counsellors) (the national site for career counsellors), Employment News, and Career News-- both magazines that feature career- related articles, and in adult education newsletters, such as The Canadian Society for Training and Development, and in Voices in Dialogue ( an advocate for Dialogue Education).

Di has over 10 years of experience as a Business Communications Specialist and Career Coach with internationally educated professionals, and Canadian professionals, She has led sessions on developing leadership skills/communication skills, enhancing creativity, developing your serendipity/adversity quotient, and creating mind/body/ spirit awareness to successfully deal with life's challenges for the Toronto Board of Education, both non-profit and corporate sector.

Applying the skills from her diverse knowledge base, she has been the editor for Contact Point's Newsletter and is the current editor for the Society of Internet Professionals (SIP Post), and Friends of Heart newsletter.

Presently, she provides the right key strategies for achieving her students and clients' communication and career goals. Di offers them professional coaching with business etiquette and business documents, such as business cases, speeches, letters, PowerPoint presentations, articles, e-books, proposals, and reports. Resumes and cover letters are edited and revised to sell their personal brand.

Di is currently crafting her two other workbooks. One is a unique guide for travelling your career pathway and the second is a manual for creatively navigating the medical system.

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