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Workshop: Write Your Life Story
Motivating Workshop held on Nov. 4, 2009
Inspired many to Start Writing their own Biography!

Writing your biography is a way to figure out who YOU used to be and how YOU got to be who you are today. You may think such writing is for the rich and famous. That's not true. Every person, no matter who they are or what they have achieved, has an interesting story to tell. As you start collecting and writing your own stories , you will elevate yourself to a higher ground of wisdom and perspective and begin to see how fascinating and significant your life really is.


After writing her own story, ‘The Sand Angel', Lesley Ann Marcovich discovered first-hand what a gift telling your story can be. Lesley Ann went on to ghostwrite stories for others. Stories about: farm life in Nova Scotia , surviving the trenches in WWII, growing up in Scotland in the thirties, experiencing the harsh realities of racism in Canada . Now she shares her investigative techniques in “The Biography Workbook” (signed copy of the book will be available to purchase at $40, some discount will be provided).

Watch a short video of the workshop


Watch my talk on Youtube"Why Should You Write Your Life Story"

Why You Should Write Your Life Story You can download this article (no fee or email required)

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