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Holiday Dinner, held at Bright Pearl Restaurant on Dec 22, 2008
Keynote “Every Word Has Power” by Yvonne Oswald

In keeping with our tradition, we hosted this holiday diner with the Society of Internet Professionals (SIP).

It was an intimate gathering of few friends and we all were fascinated by the brilliant talk by Yvonne Oswald on How to stay positive using positive words and alpha state of mind.
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Bright peal Restaurant as usual did a superb job of hospitality and extensive menu.

Here is a comment from Di Wright (donated A Year in Serendipity, an inspirational journal as a door prize, which was won by AJ Parl, our computer repair GEEK):

"Thanks for this evening. Even though it took me over 2 hours to arrive , it was worth it..  I now  feel rejuvenated by the positive energy, and the warmth of the friendship and kinship within the room.
Thank you for your kindness to me and to others.”

Yvonne Oswald is an award winning author and pioneer in the field of personal growth. A renowned Communications Trainer, Speaker and Therapist. Her book, "Every Word has Power" published by Beyond Words, the Publishers that brought you The Secret. Visit:
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Do you ever wonder why miracles only happen to some people, but not to you? The answer to that question has something to do with your conscious and unconscious mind. Your conscious mind is the programmer who sends out the request for the miracle to manifest. Your unconscious mind is programmed to bring you results based on the strength of the emotions attached to the request.

You should be listening to Max Haroon's talk "Miracles Can Happen to You".
If it does not start playing after 30 seconds then click=>

An Article based on the above talk Download

... photos by Olga Goubar

Do not miss Yvonne Oswald talk Mind Magic, Apply the Amazing Power of your own mind on Jan 21, 2009 at 6:30 pm, details =>:

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