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Harmonize Your Life with the Elements
Friends of Heart: Presentation held on June 19, 2008
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Again, we had a very participative second meeting of our group. We all have heard about mind over matter but this session demonstrated the power of mind and other universal energies affecting the mind and body. The session concluded by having a powerful meditation to harmonize energy, relax mind and body.

Do not take my word for it, here is one comment:

 I loved the relaxed atmosphere - the candles, soft music and meditation; speaker was great I

Thank you for arranging this presentation" Lydia

Do you know?
•  Only a tiny fraction of the Universe is matter
•  It is the energy of our thought, what creates the reality
•  You are the product of age-old conditioning

Aline Munsch , MBA, Reiki Master and a Transformational Coach is an activist, visionary and a therapist. Aline has lived, worked and journeyed in many countries. After working in the corporate world she is now focusing her attention to helping individuals with sustainability awareness. She uses many non-intrusive modalities such as Reiki and Transpersonal Psychology to empower healing physically and resolve mental and emotional issues.

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