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Presentation: Returning Clear Vision to Your Eyes
Inaugural meeting of Friends of Heart, held on June 12, 2008 at Rexall Centre, Richmond Hill

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I was pleased with the outcome and turnout of our first meeting. You can tell success of the turn out of an event if “There was standing Room only”.

Do not take my word for it, here is one comment, posted on the Internet (

“  It was a very uplifting experience, everyone was really nice and Max and the other people helping him out were really friendly and created a fun and loving atmosphere. The information shared about vision was well done and very informative the presenter Jane was great fun.  ” Lydia

You may read other comments at:

Better become a member of the Meetup and post your own comments. is a very good example of a social networking website, it allows you to post and share files, photos and send and receive emails to other members of this group.

This group is at:

Over 30 "Friends" joined this inaugural meeting of the friends of heart, there was standing room only. Jane Kabarguina(profiled below) gave an interactive presentation (summary below). Many attendees won some door prizes, including copies of a book on Eye Care written by three Indian doctors.

Jane Kabarguina, a pioneer, born in a desert, near Balkhash lake, she twisted her neck at nine, started reading Anatomy books while at the hospital. She shifted her attention from studying music to Cybernetics at State University of Siberia. In the University she discovered her ability to heal people from pain without any medications. At the early age of 19, she survived another almost fatal illness.

Not long ago, she was at the point when she was not even able to read without glasses. Jane chickened out from laser surgery and ran in a panic condition out of the LASIK office. This occasion pushed her to look for the alternatives. Jane Kabarguina runs a website preaching eye exercises, which has helped her to live without glasses.

Summary of the Presentation:
Learn to Relax your eyes, give it hot and cold treatment, exercise them, hydrate your eyes and your body, eat nutritious food and keep your posture erect (it was practiced, see photos).

1. Splash (or wipe with cotton pads) your closed eyes with cold water, then with warm water. Repeat few times every day.
2. Splash your open eyes with cold water keeping also water inside of your mouth until the water in the mouth becomes warm.
3. Cover your closed eyes with your cupped palms for few minutes every day observing a dark space in front of your closed eyes.
4. Alternate your vision from far distance to near distance.
5. Stretch your hands high up trying to reach your ears with your shoulders.

For details, see Jane Kabarguina's website

An Interview with Jane Kabarguina

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