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LTI hosted another powerful presentation Feb. 16, 2011
How to Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

Do You Know?

  • There is a natural alternative to glasses, contacts and Lasik surgery.
  • You can train your eye muscles in the same way that an athlete trains their body.
  • Natural face lifting removes wrinkles around your eyes better than an expensive cream.

Speaker: Jane Kabarguina
Author, How to Return Beauty and Clear Vision Back to Your Eyes.
Jane runs a website and teaches these eye exercises. When it was time for her to get laser surgery, she chickened out and ran out of the LASIK office in a panic. This incident pushed her to look for alternatives. She was at the point when she couldn't read at all without glasses, now she can. Jane will share her insights with you.

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Jane Kabarguina
Max Haroon
Dr. Ebi Taebi
Leslie Milthorpe
Brigitte Voith
Farhad Zamani
Jennifer Zhang
John Chu
Taibeh Farmani
Shahram Gorjianfar
Igor Klibanov
Lizabeth So
Meriliela Aelieve
Magerdoom Avaness
Linda Beadle



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