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Muscle Testing - Uncover Truth for your Personal Questions
Organized by Friends of Heart on July 17, 2008
Our body has a miraculous method to reveal Information

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"Hard to believe that the body do provide response to all types of questions (health, emotional, business, social). Jennifer is very knowledgeable all around, her relaxed style of presentation with humour made the evening very enjoyable. Thank you Jennifer and thank you Friends of Heart" I

Do you know?
- There is a way to determine truth and falsehood from your own body.
- You can easily access inner truth and wisdom.
- You can find out through your own body answers to any questions that you wish to know such as health related question "Do I have allergy to pollen?"; treatment related question e.g. "Going to an Naturopath would help me with my health problem?"; personal questions, e.g. "Is this relationship an energy drain on me?".
Our presenter, Jennifer Hilton taught Muscle Testing techniques.

Jennifer Hilton has been practicing organizational change and behaviour modification for over 25 years. She uses hypnosis and NLP to help people quit smoking, resolve health issues, change their habits and beliefs to change their lives. She is certified by the International Hypnosis Federation. Currently, she does training in NLP, health education and managing life transitions.

Listen to a part of Jennifer Hilton's Presentation

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