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Friends of Hearts at Sultan's Tent on Jan. 31, 2008

more photos ...

Ten friendly souls (listed below) accepted my invitation to have lunch at The Sultan's Tent & Cafe Moroc. My proposal for esatblishing a family of heart was welcomed, so it may become a reality.

1.Hiroo Thadaney (SIP, Job Board Coordinator)
2. Joel Alleyen (Alleyne Inc)
3. Laura Tyson (SIP Events Coordinator)
4. Max Haroon (SIP, President )
5. Olga Goubar (SIP, Blogger)
6. Pam Taylor (Laura's Friend)
7. Paul Chato (Your Web Department)
8. Terry Joosten (Career Door Inc.)
9. Tim Nighbor (Laura's Friend)
10. Vikas Ramrakha (Rai Grant Insurance Brokers)

Highlights of the get together were lively discussions and engaging conversations over a lovely Moroccan food and traditional Arabian hospitality.

Beauty of the moment is not the event but the memory it leaves behind - Max
Therefore, I have encapsulated the sound bytes and the images, enjoy them:

Characteristics of a Good Friend, perspectives by Vicas, Joel and Paul, Pam and Tim
Characteristics of a Good Friend, perspectives by Laura, Olga
Characteristics of a Good Friend, perspectives by Terry, Max & Discussions
Paul Chato remarks, Story of Building a Bridge, Ideas of Getting Together as Family of Hearts.

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