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Event Sponsorship Opportunity

In order for us to provide dynamic programs and cover our expenses, we are asking local businesses to sponsor an event. The sponsorship will provide you with excellent promotional opportunities both at the vent and on our website.

How We Plan to Promote Your Business
You will be provided with the following benefits and promotional services:

1. A table space at the event, which you can use to display and distribute brochures about your services/products.

2. Opportunity to say few words about your organization.

3. Complimentary tickets (number to be discussed) to the event for your staff or clients.

4. List your profile in the Sponsors Directory with a link to your website:

5. Post your organization as an sponsor with a link on the event blog

6. Post your organization as an sponsor on the website:

7. We will produce and distribute the event flyers, e-Blast the event to members and others. We will record the Event and post photos and report of the event on our website.

The fee for an event sponsorship is $200. I hope you will support our group and the community by becoming a sponsor.

Please review the profile of our Institute

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact:

Max Haroon | Tel: 416-891-4937 |


Sponsoring Member

In order for us to provide dynamic programs, we would like few life members who will become Sponsoring members by donating a $200 membership fee to fund the group.

If you like what we do then please consider becoming a sponsoring member; you will be networking with some excellent leaders in the community and we will not charge you registration fee for most of the events for one year.

All sponsoring member will make up the Executive Committee of Friends of Heart.

Contact Founder: Max Haroon, send an email to info@life-transformation-
or phone: 416-891-4937

Download brochure

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