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Health Magazines/Periodicals

Natural Healer Magazine
your window on the alternative health community in Toronto , Mississauga , Oakville , Burlington , Hamilton , Brantford , Kitchener/Waterloo, Cambridge , Welland , St. Catharines and Niagar

A Natural Health Magazine
featuring alternative therapies and holistic approaches ... Magazine - your window on the alternative health community in Toronto , -

Vitality Magazine
One of Canada's largest publications on Natural Health , Alternative Medicine, and Green Living. ...

Tonic Toronto
We are the only health , wellness and green living magazine in Toronto that is delivered right to the home. www.tonic toronto .com

VIVA magazine . Toronto
Transcribed/excerpted by Athena Institute ... Earlier this year, a study in New Scientist magazine reported that Cutler's

Canadian Health & Lifestyle
Magazine is the national digest that focuses on health, fitness, nutrition and self improvement for busy Canadians.

Elder Care Online
Covers topics such as eldercare, healthy aging, caring for the caregiver, and Alzheimer's Disease.

Family Doctor
Magazine providing fact-oriented medical information for the general public.

Good Medicine
Quality Australian health magazine with online articles, information and forums.

Living Nutrition
Magazine featuring raw food recipes, nutrition education, healthful eating guidelines, healing testimonials, food safety news, and more.

Medical News Today
The largest independent health and medical news website on the Internet. Provides more than 50 articles every day.
Health care information via a library of medical conditions, alternative care center, drug information and health news.

Smart Publications
Independent publisher providing health and nutritional supplement information from experts and authorities in alternative medicine.

Total health
Promotes longevity through news and information on natural and alternative health and integrative medicine with specific information on herbs, supplements, natural remedies and the latest health-based research.

Vista Magazine
Canadian magazine with articles and suggestions for health and wellness.

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