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Report: Healing Influence of Classical music, Monday Nov 5, 2007

peek at the Gallery

This presentation was attended by an intimate group of 10, who also had an opportunity to declare their passions to other. Larissa presentation was very informative, cited by many books on the subject, including the work one by a Japanese scientistDr. Emoto on Water (see bottom of the page).

Healing Influence of Classical Music
Healing effect of music is known from Ancient Greece. Pythagoras (fl. 530 BCE) considered musical harmony as a microcosm and part of Universe Order. He suggested that the human soul could be perfected through sublimely composed music. Our world is full of sounds, sounds of humans' hearts, which create a World Symphony. This Symphony can destroy or revive our World.

Don Campbell, author “The Mozart Effect” - or the phenomenal effects of sound on human physiology, researched the fields of music, sound, health, and learning. Offering both clinical evidence and spiritual insights, Campbell examines how specific tone frequencies influence healing, learning, relaxation states, and creativity. Thanks to his research, today in clinics and hospitals, sound is used as medicine to treat the body and mind.

Human, as a part of Universe, has a choice to make own sound and sound of world in dissonance or consonance. The Art of Life Health Centre “invites you to orchestrate a balanced, more harmonious life through the magic of sound” (Don Campbell) and offers healing and development program based on the best of classical music for children and adults.

Larissa Zoubareva, Ph. D. candidate in Methods of Teaching Music Master of Music Degree, Majoring as Piano Soloist, Accompanist, Chamber Musician and Piano Instructor Author of a book on piano teaching methodology and 5 articles
Literature and Art Critics Association of Belarus Award for Best Research Project in Musicology and Art Criticism 1998.

The Art of Life, 885 Don Mills Road, Suite # 121 , Toronto .

Calming Water… an experiment on water, using music and text =>

Clarecia Christie
Garth Schmalenberg
Gisela McKay
Larissa Zoubareva (Presenter)
Ludmila Panasenko
Max Haroon
Mirium Vee
Olga Goubar
Olga Kudritska
Taylor H Jin

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