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Art of Life Study Group (AOLSG): meeting held on Sept. 11, 2007

This inaugural meeting was attended by 15 interested members with diverse backgrounds and talents (see the list below) was a success.

We stared by elevator pitch by everyone, and found that many of the people are well-ahead in the journey of mind, body and soul. Every one has their opinion about the goals and purpose of this group.
A quick poll indicated more interest in Mind and body than soul. We may segregate the group in two parts in future, one for mind and another for body.

We are asking all attendees to indicate if they would like to be nominated as founding member, so they share all aspects of organization and coordination with me.

There were three short talks with plenty of discussions.

1. Mindful journey, by Lou Carcasole =>
Lou talked about his Mindfulness practice which involves working on a set of fundamental skills – the way in which we process all experience. If you can improve the roots of a plant, you know that every branch, twig and leaf will benefit. It's the same with Mindfulness – as you work on these core skills, every aspect of life is improved - pleasure deepens, stress is reduced, and performance, creativity and effectiveness increase. Anyone can learn this simple practice called Mindfulness.

2. Path to Enlightenment, by Stephen D'Amico =>
Stephen spoke about his awakening and how it led him to become a teacher of enlightenment.

3. Neuro-Linguistic Programming, by Meyrick D'Sylva
Talked about importance of sub-conscious mind, how the mind processes information, and its methods of installing strategies for achievement.

Attebdees with email addresses
(note "at" is used instead of @ to protect from auto-mining spammers)

1.Max Haroon<>
2. Ludmila Panasenko <>
3. Stephen D'
4. Lou Carcasole<>

5. Meyrick D'sylva
6.Martina Ernst <>
7. Ludmila Gerus<>
8. Anne-Marie Huurre<>
9. Laikin Ing <>
10. Dr. Hussein Jamal<>
11. Taylor H Jin <>
12. "Kudritska, Olga" <>
13. Joyce Liu<>
14. kanchan raste <>
15. Jim Wunnenberg <>

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Your feedback and support will be highly appreciated.

Max Haroon

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