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As a Man Thinketh by James Allen
Learning Guide to Transform You

The guide is compiled to get a rapid insight into the big ideas in this classic book. This book, published in 1905, pioneered self development and have transformed some ordinary people into famous people.

Guides can also be used as Book Kits for Discussion Groups, such as Book Clubs. If you study this guide with an audio recording, you will get as much out of it as you were at a discussion meeting of the book

Table of Content:
Synopsis of the book and its Author
What Others Say About the Book
Quotes from the Book
Key Insights from the Book
Discussion Points
Full text of the Book of the book
Audio recording of the book by Phil Feilds .

Order the Learning Guide (as pdf files) containing full text of the books, available for a small donation of $5. Also available on request the audio of the book.


About the Book "As a Man Thinketh"
As a Man Thinketh is a literary work, a timeless classic, by James Allen, published in 1902. A small but invaluable book that can change your life by drawing your attention to your thoughts and how these thoughts manifest themselves in the expression of your life. This little book is meant to stimulate men and women to the discovery and perception of the truth that they themselves are makers of themselves, by virtue of the thoughts which they choose and encourage.

As A Man Thinketh is partly responsible for the creation of the entire personal development (PD) industry. Most contemporary PD authors and teachers credit this little book for providing foundation to their principles. It is a set of philosophical musings on the power of our thoughts. Earl Nightingale, widely regarded as the father of modern day personal development, in his best-selling recording, called the ideas in this book, "The Strangest Secret". The secret, he said, is "we become what we think about".


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