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How To Return Beauty and Clear Vision Back to Your Eyes
A Practical Course for Anyone with Poor Eyesight
Author Jane Kabarguina, Price $20, to order

This small book is really a course providing you with illustrated exercises and relaxing techniques for eyes. To make it comrehensive Jane has added some useful tips on nutrition, accupunture, herbal supplements and posture.

The book is synthesis of her years of research and practice(diferent methods).

If you care about your eyes then this will be a best $20 investment you will ever make.

I have heard Jane at the inagural meeting of Friends of Heart in summer of 2008, (the room was packed) when she demonstrated many of the exercises. Take a peek at photos of the event and listen to an interview with Jane.


About the Author:
Jane Kabarguina, a pioneer, born in a desert, near Balkhash lake, she twisted her neck at nine, started reading Anatomy books while at the hospital. She shifted her attention from studying music to Cybernetics at State University of Siberia. In the University she discovered her ability to heal people from pain without any medications. At the early age of 19, she survived another almost fatal illness.

Not long ago, she was at the point when she was not even able to read without glasses. Jane chickened out from laser surgery and ran in a panic condition out of the LASIK office. This occasion pushed her to look for the alternatives. Jane Kabarguina runs a website preaching eye exercises, which has helped her to live without glasses.

Max Haroon

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