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7 Steps To Dental Health:
A Holistic Guide for
Your Mouth & Body

Book Guides

Selected Books on Health & Food

1. Books About Food & Health

  • Nutritional Healing; Balch
  • The Bone-Building Solution; Graci
  • SuperFoods Health Style: Proven Strategies for Lifelong Health; Matthews Pratt
  • Heart Smart: The Best of Heartsmart Cooking; Bonnie Stern
  • Foods That Fight Cancer: Preventing Cancer through Diet; Richard Buliveau , Denis Gingras
  • Mayo Clinic Guide to Self Care; Philip Hagen
  • Eight Weeks To Vibrant Health: A Woman's Take-Charge Program to Correct Imbalances, Reclaim Energy, and Restore Well-Being; Hyla Cass
  • Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy: The Harvard Medical School Guide To Healthy Eating; M.d., Walter Willett
  • Eight Weeks to Optimum Health, Revised Edition: A Proven Program For Taking Full Advantage Of Your Body's Natural Healing Power; Andrew Weil
  • Staying Healthy With Nutrition 21st Century Ed: Complete Guide To Diet And Nutritional Medicine; Elson Haas
  • Enlightened Eaters Whole Foods Guide; Rosie Schwartz
  • The Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative Medicine: Making Alternative Therapies Part Of Your Healthy Lifestyle; Time Inc.
  • Food Healing for man, Bernard Jensen, D.C., Ph.D, Clinical Nutritionist a primer of fundamental food facts and nutrition concepts for everyone.
  • The secrets to great health, Jon Matsen, N.D., from your nine liver dwarves, it translates complex medical research into a style that's easy to understand and even fun
    to read
  • Eating well for optimum health, Andrew Weil, M.D.the essential guide to bringing health and pleasure back to eating.
  • Vibrant health from your kitchen, Bernard Jensen, D.C., Ph.D, Clinical Nutritionist, the book presents a food program for the average family, bringing together the principles and practical aspects of nutrition in a way that can be easily understood and applied in your kitchen.
  • Fats that heal, Fats that kill, Udo Erasmus, a tremendous amount of hard-to-find information, the first book to make sense out of the role of fats in health

2. Books About Body & Gender

 •  Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing; Christiane Northrup

3. Books About Longevity& Immune System

•  Can We Live 150 Years?: Your Body Maintenance Handbook; Mikhail Tombak
•  Healthy Immunity; Vanderhaeghe

4. Books About Health Conditions & Cures

  •  Snoring and Sleep Apnea: Sleep Well, Feel Better; Ralph A. Pascualy

5. Books About Mind-Body-Soul

•  The Little Book of Stress Relief; David Posen MD
•  Soul Mind Body Medicine: Techniques for Optimum Health and Vitality; Zhi Gang Sha
•  A Year in Serendipity by Dorothy A. Wright

  • A Year of Living Generously: The land of good-deed-doing by Lawrence Scanlan
  • Emotional Freedom Face-Lift, Sabina M. DeVita Ed.D. D.N.M.
  • Relaxation Revolution: Enhancing Your Personal Health Through the Science and Genetics of Mind Body Healing by DR. Herbert Benson
  • Serendipity: A Journaling Workbook by Di Wright. Preview her one-of- a-kind journaling workbook for the mind, body and soul connection.

7. More Recommended List of Books
Books About Medical, Environmental& Pharmaceutical Systems

Recommended Readings by Dr. Al Sears, MD
Books & Websites About Macrobiotics


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