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7 Steps To Dental Health:
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(we cal these speakers Friends of Heart, alphabetically by first name)

Alicia Gonzalez is a Homeopath, Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming, Mountain Climber, Practitioner in Ku Nye Traditional Tibetan Massage and Mantra Healing, Founder of Walking Together Holistic Healing Center. She has been integrating other ancient's cultures into her practice, getting involved with the Aboriginal and Tibetan Buddhist Community Her main objective is creating a real holistic practice as a therapist by integrating the whole power of ancient cultures and the power of the whole universe to heal the human body and soul.

Aline Munsch , MBA, Reiki Master and a Transformational Coach is an activist, visionary and a therapist. Aline has lived, worked and journeyed in many countries. After working in the corporate world she is now focusing her attention to helping individuals with sustainability awareness. She uses many non-intrusive modalities such as Reiki and Transpersonal Psychology to empower healing physically and resolve mental and emotional issues.


Anna Midolo, is a Homeopath, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Registered Nutritional Consultant and Certified Live Blood Cell Microscopist and Master Practitioner in NLP



Brian Baumal is a Gestalt Psychotherapist, practicing in Leslieville, dealing
with psychological conditions like depression, anxiety, addiction, ADHD and PTSD.
He also uses therapeutic techniques to counsel people through sudden grief, divorce and chronic illness.
Brian also is very effective with those who want to really accelerate their own self-improvement and personal growth.


Caroline Marie Dupont  has been living and teaching an integrated approach to health for over 20 years. She is the author of the book Enlightened Eating and the DVD by the same name and several meditation CDs. She teaches nutrition, meditation and yoga, and offers private consultations, as well as various courses and retreats.

Di Wright is a Business Communications Specialist, Coach, and Writer. For over 12 years, she has led leadership/communication workshops and online sessions - Toronto Board of Education and corporate sector- that teach the vital importance of clear, motivational communication. She offers professional coaching for business etiquette, resumes, business documents, such as Web design and writing/content, business cases, speeches, PowerPoint presentations, articles, e-books, proposals, and reports. , Tel: 416-208-3982.

Dr. Ebi Taebi is a registered Doctor of Natural Medicine (D.N.M.) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). He is a member of the World Organization of Natural Medicine Practitioners; and founder of the Organica Wellness Centre in Richmond Hill , Ontario . With over ten years of clinical research and practice,
Dr. Taebi's mission is personal Empowerment, self-healing and spiritual growth through balancing and healing of the body, mind and emotions. He shares his passion through various television, radio shows and magazine articles.

Dr. Eric M. Grief, MD is staff physician at The Bramalea Health Center and medical director for an international weight-loss company centered in Toronto , Canada . His research interests include preventive medicine, family counseling and nutrition education. He offers communication improvement seminars and a website to enhance communication skills. He has authored “Get Diagnosed Fast”, a guide to help patients to deal with their doctor.

Jane Kabarguina, a pioneer, born in a desert, near Balkhash lake, she twisted her neck at nine, started reading Anatomy books while at the hospital. She shifted her attention from studying music to Cybernetics at State University of Siberia. In the University she discovered her ability to heal people from pain without any medications. At the early age of 19, she survived another almost fatal illness. Jane runs a website preaching eye exercises, which has helped her to live without glasses.

Jennifer Hilton has been practicing organizational change and behaviour modification for over 25 years. She uses hypnosis and NLP to help people quit smoking, resolve health issues, change their habits and beliefs to change their lives. She is certified by the International Hypnosis Federation. Currently, she does training in NLP, health education and managing life transitions.


Leslie Milthorpe, JuicePLUS+ at MyHealthAbility. She is a Ski Instructor at Alpine Ski Club. She has been sharing her approach with people for over twenty years and their enthusiasm and knowledge has expanded to open horizons in the area of family health, sports and fitness nutrition, beauty and vitality from the inside out and longevity strategies.Mobile:416-508-0212


Lori Nichols Davies, CEO / curriculum Director, Holistic Cooking Academy of Canada. Lori is the author of fourteen volume cookbook series, the Enlightened Home Chef Series and Coking with Herbs and Spices. The  Holistic Cooking Academy recognizes the power of nutrient-dense foods for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual balance. It presents a scientifically based program to build immunity one meal at a time based on principals of adequate nutrients from food and whole food supplements.

Max Haroon, Founder of Healing Food Institute is a social entrepreneur and founder of the Society of Internet Professionals, Life Transformation Institute. He has been involved in the Information Technology (IT) industry in various sectors, including the Internet and IT Training for over 35 years. His work has spanned many countries and resides in Toronto ( Canada ). He evangelizes leveraging the Internet and speaks at conferences and symposiums. Email to or by phone at 416-891-4937. Review his webfolio at http://

Nimisha Raja is an environmentalist, writer, speaker and a personal consultant. She specializes in educating people on the connection between food choices and their impact on the environment. Nimisha inspires people to choose a healthier, ecological, compassionate lifestyle through a series of workshops, seminars and cooking classes. She is a regular chef at Loblaws cooking schools and a heart health speaker for the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine ( Visit

Dr. Oksana M. Sawiak, practiced clinical family dentistry from 1966-2008 focussing on mercury-free/biological dentistry. Today she is a lecturer in holistic dentistry, non-surgical gum treatment, pain control, hypnosis, practice management, temporo-mandibular joint pain and dysfunction, and detoxification.
Dr. Sawiak is the past Vice President of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, which is a group that promotes evidence and science-based dental procedures and materials. she has also been Chair of the Perio Committee and member of the Ontario Dental Association, and past President of the Women's Dental Association .

Paul Hyman is president of Brain Fitness International. Paul is a "Brain Trainer" specialist combining mind/body approaches and brain research, working in conjunction with other healthcare and educational professionals. He works internationally with clients and trains other professionals in his approach. Paul's wellness philosophy is to empower individuals regardless of physical and cognitive abilities. His experiential style of teaching and growing collection of playful toys/teaching aids makes for a fun, one-of-a-kind memorable learning experience.

Phil Feilds
did his graduation in bio-chemistry and a cellular biology late in his life. His interest in health and well being led him to path of self development and holistic approach to food and nutritional drugs. At 75 years of age he is more physically fit than many men who are much younger than him. He imparts his wisdom by conducting wellness workshop for seniors throughout the year at McConaghy Seniors' Center in Richmond Hill and Baycrest Hospital Outreach Program.

Ray Shim, is a holistic teaching chef. He offers cooking classes based upon time tested and science proven ingredients to create dishes that are delicious as well as nutritious. These ingredients include nutrient dense super foods, Chinese herbs, and essential oils. Ray left a career in IT Consulting spanning over 20 years to pursue his passion for empowering others to maintain or restore their health through food. He can be reached at or 905-479-8513.


ROSE A WEINBERG, President of The Feel Good Company Inc., Founder, CEO, Chair of Project Beam On, Homeopath, Nutritionist, Reiki Master and Certified Reiki Educator, Workshop Facilitator, Inspired Speaker, Author. Contavt: 647.999.3733,



Dr. Sam Gerstein is a medical doctor with over twenty years' experience helping people with their physical and mental challenges. Having examined over 65,000 patients as an emergency physician, Dr. Gerstein has witnessed first-hand the toll work stress takes on people's health. Being dissatisfied with the current treatment, and after finding a paucity of information on work satisfaction and health, Dr. Gerstein undertook his own independent research study under the direction of his company, Dreams For Real Inc., which he began in March, 2001. He interviewed over 200 people who were living their dreams at work. Some of the insights gained from this innovative research is revealed in his just released book, Live Your Dreams: Doctor's Orders.



Sandra Itenson Sweetman is an international speaker, teacher and vibrational energy intuitive. She is the original channel of "Heart Metta”. She has healing practices in both Canada and Hong Kong, and travels and teaches extensively throughout Asia and Europe . Sandra is also a sound healer, gifted artist, sacred essence alchemist, and metaphysical teacher. Sandra's direct connection to the higher realms and the Chinese Masters is amazing to experience.

TONY HORNICK, inventor of Sprouter . He has been a ballroom dancer since the age of 12 and at age 80 + he is still a DYNAMO. For over 45 he has rarely been ill. Did you know that statistically dancers do not get Dementia or Alzheimer's. And that is not by doing Monkey dancing. He has a passion for educating children about the live food using sprouting methods and he goes around giving talks all over the Ontario. or e-mail to


William Ho i s an internationally renowned artist, speaker, writer, poet and a Goodwill Ambassador. He has travelled in many parts of the world, spoken to many head of states and has addressed United Nations. He will inspire us with his journey of mind and soul, how to make your life a master piece in the midst of a distorted world and become a Global Citizen, and “to see more than what you look at and feel beyond what you see”.


Yvonne Oswald is an award winning author and pioneer in the field of personal growth. She is a renowned Communications Trainer, Speaker and Therapist. Her book, "Every Word has Power" has been published by Beyond Words, the Publishers that brought you “The Secret”. Visit: .
Yvonne delivered an excellent keynote address to our dinner, review the blog at:

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